We are pleased to announce that we won the FRN slogan competition!

Please see below the extract from the FRN Newsletter

‘And the winner is…

After much deliberation, we are pleased  to announce the winner of our Slogan Competition. The stakes were high as the prize for this competition was a free ticket to next year’s FRN annual conference. We had some truly excellent entries and some that made us laugh out loud, so thank you all for your efforts. 

So, without further ado and a big round of applause for: REFURNISH DEVON’ 

FRN Comp 2

About the slogan entry:

At Refurnish Devon we believe that one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. Donating goods, not only encourages people to rethink how they get rid of their unwanted items but it also encourages others to source their furniture and appliances through us rather than buying new off the internet or high street and in turn reducing waste going to landfill. Hopefully our slogan succinctly gets our message across while encouraging people to think about their pre-loved items & where they want to send them when they are finished with them.