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We’re passionate about giving your unwanted items a second chance and helping you create beautiful, eco-friendly spaces that truly feel like home, at affordable prices. Why support us?

🌿 Sustainability First: We’re committed to making a positive impact on our planet. By choosing Refurnish, you’re choosing to be a part of the circular economy, where preloved items find new purpose instead of ending up in landfills.

🌟 Affordable prices: We believe everybody is deserving of a well furnished, cozy home, that’s why we are dedicated to making our goods accessible to all, regardless of income.

👪 Community Impact: We’re proud to contribute to our local community here in Devon. Together, we’re creating jobs, supporting local initiatives, and making a positive difference.

🚚 Effortless Furniture Donations: We make it easy to contribute to a sustainable future through our Free Collection Service.

Latest from ReFurnish..

Remembrance Day

Reflecting on the sacrifices of our heroes this Remembrance Day. Our Tiverton store have created a beautiful window display to pay their respects, using only donated/handmade items from the store.