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Refurnish Devon has always worked in partnership with other community sector reuse organisations, local authorities, Environment Agency, Care/Support organisations and others to help minimize waste going to landfill and increase the quantity of goods which are reused. Equally important to Refurnish Devon and its members is the provision of low cost household goods to people on low income throughout Devon.

Refurnish Devon member reuse projects all work in a slightly different way. For some the priority is improving the environment by reducing landfill and increasing reuse, for others providing low cost or free goods to people on low incomes is more important. All member projects provide opportunities for volunteering, work experience and employment opportunities for long term unemployed or retired people.


Since 1998 Refurnish Devon (original called Devon Furniture Forum) has provided a regular supply of refurbished appliances, repair services and training for its members.

Both white goods and smaller electrical appliances are tested and repaired by a competent person and supplied with a warranty. We give many of our employees and volunteer’s the opportunity to learn how to pat test small electrical appliances and practise doing so in all Refurnish shops.


Refurnish Devon has been running its own furniture and appliance reuse projects to collect reusable items for resale to at low cost to people on low income in Teignbridge, Torbay, South Hams, West Devon, Mid Devon, Exeter and Plymouth.

More information about our shops is available on the shops page.

There are other projects that provide similar services to us, follow these links to find out more:

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Refurnish Devon initiates and promotes the development of new organisations and projects. It supports the Devon reuse sector and affiliated projects and believes in sharing good practise throughout the voluntary sector. Refurnish acts as a consultative body to other agencies in the field; researches new ideas and legislation governing the recycling and re-use of furniture and household appliances and encourages the development of partnerships with local statutory and voluntary organisations and with the public sector.


Projects operated by Refurnish Devon are committed to providing quality employment, training and volunteering opportunities. All Refurnish projects welcome the contribution from volunteers on a range of activities and we endeavour to provide structured and positive support and advice to all volunteers, especially those with particular support needs.


Refurnish Devon is a very health and safety conscious organisation and ensures all staff are trained in manual handling and work to our health and safety policy from their first day of employment. This policy is fully implemented and continually monitored.

The equal opportunities policy underpins our recruitment and employment procedures. We seek to achieve the objectives of our environmental policy in all aspects of the business.

All electrical goods dispatched from our electrical workshops are PAT tested by competent persons and are repaired following the national Furniture Recycling Network (FRN) “Fit for Reuse” standards.

Refurnish Devon offers its experience in developing reuse services to help other organisations in the sector.